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Barcelona is one of the European capitals, with high levels of tourism, trade, industrialisation and innovation. This cosmopolitan approach gives Barcelona global relevance and an international background.

Therefore, we know that many people living in other countries have important economic and social interests here. That is why we have decided to set up a highly specialised team of English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona.

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Our English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona can help you with almost any legal matter.

Foreign affairs

We can help you settle in Barcelona, get your visas, work permits and nationality etc.


We take care of all the paperwork. Utmost peace of mind.


Sales and purchases, investor visas, property portfolio management and more


We protect your interests in Barcelona so you don’t have to travel.


We protect your rights as a worker in Barcelona.


We assist you with your process of internationalisation.

English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona specialised in foreign affairs

Our English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona have helped dozens of citizens from other countries settle in our country. We know that immigration procedures can be daunting, especially when you are not familiar with the legal system of the country of destination or are not fluent in its official language.

But our English-speaking lawyers can help you come to Barcelona. If you are an EU citizen, the procedures will be minimal. If you come from another country, we can assist you from the very start of the process.

Depending on the purpose of your trip, these may include anything from visa or permit applications to the management of your nationality. But our team is prepared for all such cases. Contact us and you will be in the most capable of hands.

Lawyers specialised in taxes in Barcelona

Barcelona's thriving economic activity means that citizens from all over the world have economic interests here. A number of them own property, while others have invested in the area's many profitable activities.

Whatever your situation, our tax lawyers in Barcelona can help you understand the local tax system, help you deal with your taxes, help you comply with your tax liabilities and help you save as much as possible.

We know that it is difficult to know everything about a country's tax legislation, and that care must be taken when dealing with the Public Treasury to avoid infringements and penalties. This is why we offer you the service of taking care of all the necessary steps for you and of advising you in order to answer all your questions. Don’t hire a lawyer you don’t understand. Benefit from the advice of our English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona.

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English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona

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Our English-speaking lawyers can manage your property portfolio

For several years now, property investment in Barcelona has been growing steadily , in the tourist sector as well as in the logistics and services sectors. The city's constant turnover makes it particularly attractive to investors from all over the world. There are also those who come to the area to retire or simply take a break.

We have first-hand knowledge of this as we have assisted many foreign citizens who have decided to invest here. We also manage various property portfolios in Barcelona.

So don’t hesitate. If you need legal advice on Property Law or would like us to help you with any property management, please contact us. We will maximise your opportunities and profitability without any risk to you all while speaking your language.

We protect your interests in Barcelona

Do you need to make a claim in Barcelona? Do you have or have you had family here and do you need to handle inheritance, matrimonial or filiation procedures? Are you going to settle in Barcelona but you want to get advice beforehand? Contact Nevvo!

We are specialists in preventive advice, and we are confident that planning and negotiation are key to avoiding any legal conflict. Our lawyers in Barcelona are fluent in English and can negotiate for you, keeping you up to date at all times.

Moreover, we recognise that prevention and negotiation may not always be enough. In such cases, we offer you the possibility of claiming against the Public Authorities or third parties, both in and out of court. Our English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona are ready to protect your interests in any situation.

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English-speaking lawyers for workers in Barcelona

If you company is going to relocate to Barcelona, our lawyers can explain your new rights to you. Keep in mind that some of the regulations established in our Labour Law will apply to your contract. So you should be aware of your rights and obligations.

We can also help you to apply for work permits, or to carry out any other procedures with the Public Authorities. We can, of course, help you both with the preparation of your travel and the legal representation of your interests.

We also work in the field of Commercial Law. We help corporations from all over the world relocate their workers to Barcelona with all the legal guarantees. Contact us if you need advice.

Bring your business to Barcelona with the help of our English-speaking lawyers

As specialists in Corporate Law, our English-speaking lawyers in Barcelona can guide you through your process of internationalisation. We have a close relationship with the entrepreneurial and corporate sectors, so we can analyse your business model and your deployment proposal.

We can also help you choose the best legal status for your company and carry out the necessary formalities with Notaries, Public Registries and Controlling Authorities. Remember that it is important to carry out these formalities in order to be able to operate legally in the country.

Our lawyers will also be able to inform you about which company and public order regulations are applicable to your industry. Once your company is established, we can continue to provide you with the legal cover you need.

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