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Madrid isn’t only the capital of Spain. It is also one of the big European capitals. It is especially prominent in the sectors of entrepreneurship, industry, innovation, trade and tourism.

Our capital acts as a focal point for national trade. It is also a member of the European Union and has close ties with Latin America. This means that it operates as a bridge between the two international markets. In addition to this, there is the constant movement of people, who come and go for personal, work, family, economic or educational reasons.

This means that thousands of foreigners have different interests and needs in our capital. This is why we rely on the best team of English-speaking lawyers in Madrid. If you need legal help , we are here to help you.


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Our English-speaking lawyers in Madrid can help you with almost any legal matter.

Foreign affairs

We can help you settle in Madrid, get your visas, work permits and nationality etc.


We take care of all the paperwork. Utmost peace of mind.


Sales and purchases, investor visas, property portfolio management and more


We protect your interests in Madrid so you don’t have to travel.


We protect your rights as a worker in Madrid.


We assist you with your process of internationalisation.

Lawyers specialised in taxes in Madrid

If you carry our economic or professional activities in Spain or have assets here, it is likely that you will be subject to our tax system. But we can help you understand and comply will all the Public Treasury's obligations.

Our English-speaking tax lawyers in Madrid specialise in advising foreign nationals to help protect their interests. They will be able to answer all your questions, manage your tax planning and offer you maximum savings and legal certainty.

You will often be able to entrust us with these duties. In this way we can take care of all your procedures and formalities, saving you unnecessary travel.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you. We manage portfolios of property and other assets (investments, crypto-assets, stocks and shares, etc.), as well as advising individuals and companies on their fiscal activities.

English-speaking lawyers in Madrid specialised in foreign affairs

We rely on the best English-Speaking foreign affairs lawyers in Madrid. Thanks to this, we can advise you on travel, residency, work and citizenship. The law on foreign nationals regulates these issues and is therefore essential when planning your arrival or stay in Spain.

It is likely that you will need to apply for a visa before moving to another country. Sometimes the formalities will be easier if your visit will be short, you are arriving from another EU Member State or there are International Agreements with your country of origin.

You are also likely to need permits or authorisations if you are going to carry out any commercial, economic, educational or work-related activity. Our English-speaking lawyers can advise you in your native language in all these cases.

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English-speaking lawyers in Madrid

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Our English-speaking lawyers can manage your property portfolio

Buying and selling property involves certain risks, but it is still one of the safest forms of investment. Especially in the capital, where the demand for housing, commercial and industrial space is constant. The management of property portfolios can also be tricky, as it has contractual, civil and tax implications.

That's why our team of English-speaking property specialists in Madrid strives to provide asset management advice to hundreds of foreign clients. We carry out studies and mapping exercises, negotiate, recruit, manage leases, trade, establish the incorporation of companies for property management...

In short, we can provide you with comprehensive advice to help you achieve maximum profitability at the lowest cost. Everything is offered to you in your native language and allows you to avoid unnecessary travel.

We protect your interests in Madrid

Madrid's socio-economic importance means that numerous industries come together in this city. In turn, competing industries tend to generate tension and conflict. For this reason, we understand that many foreign companies and individuals require legal representation in Spain's capital.

OurEnglish-speaking lawyers in Madridcan protect your rights in Spain. We handle all types of claims, against both individuals and companies as well as Public Authorities.

We strive to avoid and minimise conflicts through preventive advice. When tensions already exist, we seek quick, economical, flexible and peaceful solutions through extrajudicial negotiation. However, if the only possible solution is through the courts, we offer representation and procedural defence in Spanish courts to clients from all over the world.

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English-speaking lawyers for workers in Madrid

The frenetic economic activity of our capital city results in thousands of companies moving their workforce to Spain every year. Whether it be temporary or permanent, professionals from all over the world come to Madrid to live and work.

There are many legal factors related to this type of relocation, from obtaining visas and permits to applying for family reunification and, in some cases, even naturalisation. Furthermore, some of our Labour Laws apply for the duration of the employment contract.

Aware of the difficulties that this regulatory framework may bring for a person unfamiliar with our legal system, we offer you the best English-speaking labour lawyers in Madrid.

We can advise you on Employment Law and other related matters. Additionally, we can represent you and direct your claims in the event that you need to take action against a company or other entities.

Bring your business to Madrid with the help of our English-speaking lawyers

Bringing a business to Spain or opening a new branch is not always easy. The harmonisation of Community Law means that the legal forms within the European Union and the formalities to be completed to approve them are similar. But the situation can be very different if your parent company is located outside the EU.

However, Madrid has a well-known entrepreneurial spirit, and is very welcoming to foreign companies. A number of benefits and incentives are available that we can help you take advantage of.

If you need to expand and bring your business to Spain, contact our lawyers. We have some of the best English-speaking commercial lawyers in Madrid. We will be able to support you in the analysis and planning process as well as in the establishment and management of your company.

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