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Technologies bring us closer together, and at Nevvo we are working with more and more English-speaking customers every day. Spain is a member of the European Union and acts as a bridge to Latin America. This unique location makes the country a communication hub, a melting pot of cultures where people from all over the world come together.

As a legal services provider we believe it is important that your interests are properly represented. And we know that there is nothing better than receiving support in your native language. This is why we rely on the best team of English-speaking lawyers in Spain.


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Our English-speaking lawyers in Spain can help you with almost any legal matter.

Foreign affairs

We can help you settle in Spain, get your visas, work permits and nationality etc.


We take care of all the paperwork. Utmost peace of mind.


Sales and purchases, investor visas, property portfolio management and more.


We protect your interests in Spain so you don’t have to travel.


We protect your rights as a worker in Spain.


We assist you with your process of internationalisation.

English-speaking lawyers specialised in foreign affairs

Immigration Law is one of the most important branches of law for foreign nationals.. Whether you want to spend a short amount of time in the country, work, start a business, complete your studies or become a citizen, you will need to complete the necessary immigration procedures.

With Nevvo, we offer you the opportunity to comfortably manage your arrival and stay in Spain. We speak your language and we can explain in detail and in a simple way how you can regularise your status. We understand the procedures required to obtain visas, permits and different authorisations. That is why we are the best company to help you and your family comfortably settle in our country.

If you need support with immigration procedures, Nevvo is the company for you. Our English-speaking lawyers in Spain offer you the highest standard of service in your native language.

Lawyers specialised in taxes in Spain

The Tax Law affects all persons who have dealings with Spain, not only citizens. If you are going to have a property in Spain or carry out business, including imports, exports or investing in companies, you may be subject to the paying Spanish tax.

As an important branch of law, however, taxation is also highly complicated. Complying with all the reporting, settlement, payment and management obligations is not possible for everyone. This is why it is best to entrust these procedures to a specialist.

If you need to manage taxes in Spain, contact us. We have English-speaking lawyers specialising in taxation who can clearly explain how the Spanish tax system works, and even take care of most of your paperwork for you.

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Our English-speaking lawyers can manage your property portfolio

There are a lot of reasons why you should invest in Spanish property. Certain people do it for the profits, considering the market's upward trend. Others do so because of the incentives provided by the state to investors to relocate, start a business or obtain visas. And there are those who travel to Spain to enjoy our quality of life, rich culture and pleasant climate.

Whatever your reason, you will need specialist assistance in Property Law. A good lawyer can help you buy or sell your property, manage your property portfolio or deal with taxes, conveyancing and claims. Our English-speaking lawyers in Spain can help you with this.

We protect your interests in Spain

If you need to make a claim in Spain, you can count on Nevvo. We specialise in both legal and extrajudicial claims, and our English-speaking lawyers are able to help you in a personal and understanding way.

We know that making administrative, legal or extrajudicial claims in another country can seem daunting. This is why we specialise in providing a welcoming and customer-friendly service without compromising the high standards of our profession. We understand your needs and interests and will fight to make them happen.

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English-speaking lawyers for workers in Spain

People who move to Spain to work are often unaware of their rights. This is normal, as different legal systems may be applicable to international contracts and staff relocations.

The situation can be complex, but thanks to our English-speaking labour lawyers, you will be able to fully understand your rights before taking action. If necessary, we will file claims before the Public Authorities or we will protect your rights before your company.

In the case of companies, our labour law specialists can play a key role when it comes to recruitment, geographical mobility or internationalisation processes. Please contact us if you have any questions about the Spanish Labour Law. We will help you to optimise your staffing structure.

Bring your business to Spain with the help of our English-speaking lawyers

Spain is a prime commercial enclave. As a member of the European Union, it has direct access to the EU market. It also serves as a bridge to the Latin American market, and its communications make it an ideal location for globalisation processes.

Aware of this, our public authorities have numerous policies in place to encourage and attract talent and capital. Contact us if you want to bring your company to Spain. Our English-speaking lawyers will be able to review your case with you and help you find the best internationalisation strategy.

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